At Pro Fitness Delivered our mission is simple.  We want to make a positive impact in every way we can.  One way that we do that is helping people reach their fitness goals.  We use our skills and techniques to help people live a healthier lifestyle, gain confidence and discipline, and improve their performance.

However, one major thing that differentiates us from other fitness companies is our core values.  We want our entire company to be based on something greater.  50% of all of our companies’ profits go towards fighting cancer.  Period.  We take a clear stance that we value making a difference in the community just as much as we value the success of our company.  We donate half of what we earn in profits to the American Cancer Society and that will always be the way we operate.  Their impact and the efforts that they make in fighting against cancer are very important to us.

Please contact us if you would like more information.  We are always looking for new ideas of ways to contribute and get involved in the community.